Operation Pocket Field Pillow (PFP)

Landstuhl asked if we could make blankets…

Posted on: May 17, 2010

Embroidered, ribboned, and ready to go

Well, sure! Blankets are our best thing!

We’ve made thousands of blankets, and we’ve always used fabric from Polartec, so making blankets is second nature to us.

We’re still embroidering our yellow ribbon to decorate these blankets, and we’ve included stars in red, white, and blue. Each is rolled tightly, tied with a bright ribbon, then carefully boxed up.

Our first couple of boxes have just been shipped, and we can have dozens more ready to ship in no time.

Our friends with Soldiers’ Angels run a project called “Blankets of Hope.” If you’d like more information, or would like to send a blanket to a wounded troop, you can read more here.


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Operation PFP is made possible in part by my small business, Just For Baby Gifts, donations of ACU by the Carlisle Finishing Plant, fleece donated by Polartec, supplies donated by Brother International, and by the untold hours of work by hundreds of proud and grateful American volunteers.

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