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After 4 years and 11 months, I got word a few weeks back that we won’t be able to continue our support operation.

Over the last year, fabric was harder to come by since the mill wasn’t being contracted to make so much ACU for the Army. And now, with the proposed force drawdown and federal defense budget cuts, well, that spelled the end for us.

For those who have followed us, I have a few facts for you.

Since February 2009, when my soldier deployed to the Kunar province for a 12 month tour, working together, our volunteers made a grand total of 18,888 field pillows for American combat troops, sent to 18 different Afghanistan provinces.

If you lined up all the pillows end to end, they would stretch across the center of 62 football fields (with a few yards left over).

To all the wonderful volunteers, those who showed up and stayed the course, the ones who stopped by my house for help packing boxes for their adopted troops, those who reached in and dropped a little something in the basket at the sew-ins, folks who dropped my house constantly to pick up or drop off cut fabric or sewn pillows to be turned and stuffed, folks who helped load up my minivan with bags of finished field pillows to be packed and shipped, folks with different commands, battalions and brigades around the country who helped me coordinate where to ship the boxes, organizations and individuals who generously donated their money to help fund our project, bravo zulu to you all for a job well done.

Our mission: to support American combat troops by making and shipping small camouflage pillows, suitable for use in garrison or in the field.

Weight of stuffing used: 4,722 pounds, costing nearly $4,500

Weight of pillows packed in boxes: 8,268 pounds; price to ship: nearly $8,500

The pride we all felt working to support our troops: priceless

Carol Armstrong

Founder, Operation Pocket Field Pillow and

Proud parent of an American Soldier…signing off.



Here’s the 9,000th pillow we’ve made. It was completed during a sew-in at Resurrection Church in Portsmouth VA, February 15.

A veritable plethora (I love that phrase!) of folks showed up to sew or stuff field pillows, from retirees, to folks from several different local churches, a reporter from the Virginian-Pilot — the parish priest even stopped by to help with the stuffing. Read the rest of this entry »

Look at all these gorgeous women!

My new friend, Pat Lucado, her family and friends spent the day earlier this week finishing fleece pillows that will shortly be sent to Landstuhl.

From left: Rose Dolan, Madison Hatfield, Morgan Hatfield, Emily Haney, Mallory Hatfield, Beth Hatfield, and Pat Lucado.

The girls all did a fantastic job and the pillows look wonderful!

Great job ladies, and thank you!!!

Well, joy or otherwise, it looks like we’re stuck with an upgrade…

Now if I’d been smart, I’d have backed up our server…and our files…and our database…but nooooo…I was too busy…(well, in my own defense, I was busy!)…

As much as it pains me — I’m going to have to rebuild our blog. First things first — trying to recapture all the posts from the last year and a half, since we began Operation PFP.

Wish me luck…

My oldest child, my hero, is coming home after a 12 month deployment to Afghanistan as an Army Infantryman. We’ll fly to FT Drum, NY, in about a week to welcome him and his Brigade home from a grueling year away from home.

Nick served with over 3,000 of his closest buddies in a God forsaken land. For a year, they sloshed through snow trying to ward off frostbite during the winter, they tried desperately to stay hydrated in the sweltering heat of their vehicles in the summer, they ate nothing but MREs for weeks on end, they slept, when they could, in the dirt, sand and rocks. These brave young troops stand for everything that makes America the greatest nation on the face of the earth — honor, integrity, and sacrifice.

And to the families of our lost brothers; Dennis Hansen, Darby Morin, Brian Wolverton, Alexander Miller, Justin Coleman, and Eric Lindstrom, you are, and will stay, in our thoughts and prayers. The tears we shed as we welcome home our troops are as much for your sons as for our own.

We love to see Americans support our Troops – and we ran into a company that deserves to be noticed for their support. Buildasign.com, headquartered in Austin, Texas, offers discounts to military families for large, vinyl banners to welcome our troops home. We found their site, and within minutes using their simple point-and-click web site, created a beautiful 3′ x 6′ banner to welcome our Soldier when he comes home in January.

Not only that, but they did it for free. They volunteered to make up to 20,000 banners for families to welcome home their troop. And they do it all for free.

They charged us no setup fee, put our Soldier’s picture on the banner, along with big, bold, bright letters. We gladly paid them to put grommets in the corners, and we can hang it in our yard (and on the flight line when his plane lands!) with no worries of wind or rain.

These folks are something else. They can create just about anything you can think of, in just about any size, with just about any text — from magnets to aluminum signs to license plates. They do it really good, and they do it really fast!

 From our military family here to the family at Buildasign.com — Thank You!

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Operation PFP is made possible in part by my small business, Just For Baby Gifts, donations of ACU by the Carlisle Finishing Plant, fleece donated by Polartec, supplies donated by Brother International, and by the untold hours of work by hundreds of proud and grateful American volunteers.

...til they all come home
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