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Please send your email to Operation.PFP@gmail.com and we’ll answer every email that we get as quickly as we can!


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Is there any way a pillow may be sent to my son? I live in Europe and nothing I have sent him has ever gotten to his FOB. He is in the Tangi Valley and a member of the 10th Mountain Div.
If this is possible please email me.

Of course we’ll help get a field pillow to your soldier! Please contact me and let me know which battalion your son is with!

Hello! I would love to know how to purchase a yellow ribbon key chain!!! Please let me know how I can do this! Thank you so much and God Bless!!

Hi Erica! Please look for my email today — and thank you!!!

so how do you go about ordering some of these..would love to send my husband and his untit some of these..they are stationed in Afghanistan… i know they would love them my husband called me the other day askeing for a pillow..if you could help that would be great thank you heather doran .my email is cheerios426@msn.com…thank you so much

Hi! I live in Hamilton, OH and my son enlisted in the Army and graduated from Basic Training in October. He is currently doing his AIT at Eglin AFB in Florida – he is training to be an EOD. I would love to make pillows to send to him and his buddies when he is deployed – do you let out of towners do this sort of thing? I would love to be part of the “pillow club” (if that would be OK with you). I don’t want to infringe on anything you are doing in any way – I just thought we might be able to start a pillow chapter here in Ohio! Please let me know if you would be OK with this – and, if so, could you help me get started?? Thanks so much – you are doing such a wonderful thing for our soldiers. Please thank your son for his service.

Hello! My husband is stationed over in South Korea right now and I was wondering if there was a way for me to send him one of these pillows. Thanks!

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Operation PFP is made possible in part by my small business, Just For Baby Gifts, donations of ACU by the Carlisle Finishing Plant, fleece donated by Polartec, supplies donated by Brother International, and by the untold hours of work by hundreds of proud and grateful American volunteers.

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