Operation Pocket Field Pillow (PFP)


If you’d like to send us a check — great! Even a little money goes a long way toward shipping costs. Just go through the couch and look for loose change!

Please make checks out to “Operation PFP” and deposit to any SunTrust Bank or mail to:

Operation PFP
4240 Portsmouth Blvd. Suite 251
Chesapeake VA 23321

Thank you and HOOAH!


2 Responses to "Donate"

My son was in Afghanistan and could have used one of your pillows. He was with the 101st out of Fort Campbell, KY. He lost his legs in a blast remotely set. They waited for him. The biggest with the biggest gun. But that is another story. My son is getting married the March, he has a beautiful little boy and a darling of a “teenage” step-daughter who already calls him dad. I think what your doing is a wonderful way of saying ” Hang in there Warrior! People back home remeber and WILL NOT forget.” I will send something the first of the month. Thank-you and your helpers for what you do. May God Bless you and give you strength and persistence in your task.

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Operation PFP is made possible in part by my small business, Just For Baby Gifts, donations of ACU by the Carlisle Finishing Plant, fleece donated by Polartec, supplies donated by Brother International, and by the untold hours of work by hundreds of proud and grateful American volunteers.

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